Tuesday, February 02, 2010

New iPhone app for Blogger

Now there's a new way to blog on the run. BlogPress Lite is a free iPhone app from InfoThinker, written with the support of the Blogger team at Google. It supports adding photos, with hooks into your Blogger Picasa account.

The full version supports blogging platforms.

Needless to say I'm writing this while lying in bed, since I'm not quite ready to get up.


The Whited Sepulchre said...

O god, I wish you hadn't told me about this.
I've resisted the call of the iPhone so far, since I'm required to keep a Motorola i205 with Direct Connect for work.
I really wish you hadn't told me about this.

Dr Ralph said...

WS - it's not a bad tool, though not perfect. You have to hand-code formatting and links, and though you can add photos, the photo links to your Blogger photo album, *not* the individual photo. A lot of times I email my post from my Gmail account - doing this allows me to format the text, although I can't include photos. Where BlogPress is really handy is that it lets you manage your tags.