Friday, February 12, 2010

Snow Daze -- Day 2

According to the news media (not always reliable, but there you are) we easily set a new record for snowfall yesterday -- 11.2 inches, easily breaking the old record of 7.8 inches set back in 1964. I'd decided before I went to bed last night I wasn't going into the office.

I still got up at 6:00 AM (I'm a creature of habit), and went to check the school closings. Our DirectTV stopped working at one point yesterday, so I had to go online. It appears every school (including colleges) and school district is closed for the day. There are a few optimistic organizations that are bravely claiming they'll start at 10 AM or noon. We'll see.

The live oaks are sagging mightily under the weight of the snow. I may try to get out later and knock some of it loose, but the stuff near the top is going to just have to melt.

My little side deck hideaway was buried although everything is bone dry under the eaves.

One last tip: satellite television (I'm talking to you, Dish Network and DirectTV) doesn't do squat when the dish is full of snow. I spent about 15 minutes winging snowballs at the dish, trying to knock some off, but I went to college on an art scholarship, not a baseball scholarship.

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