Monday, April 19, 2010

Gizmodo on the new iPhone

In an oddly serendipitous set of circumstances, Gizmodo "found" what they claim is a prototype for the new iPhone in a bar in Redwood City.The real deal is scheduled to be launched this June. By the time they got their hands on the prototype, the owner had remotely killed it, but they do have a number of photos, as well as descriptions.

My impression is the styling is heavily influenced by the iPad, including an aluminum band around the perimeter. Although I won't be rushing out to buy one (not until my AT&T contract expires anyway) it appears to be a handsome device. I will be upgrading to the 4.0 firmware once they make it available for the 3GS.

Check it out, fanboy!

In other iPhoney news, the beta release of the 4.0 firmware has already been jailbroken.

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