Thursday, January 27, 2011

An open letter to the good people of Minnesota's 6th congressional district

Can I be frank? What the hell were you thinking when you elected Michele Bachmann?

It's not clear whether she's a lying sociopath or just a freaking idiot (or both) -- based on the fact that she got a J.D. degree and managed to pass the bar exam I'm inclined to lean towards sociopath -- but seriously, she's an embarrassment to you. Or should be.

I'll ignore for the moment her promotion of creationism in public schools, her statement that "our children... are the prize for [the gay] community, they are specifically targeting our children," and other run of the mill right-wing nonsense she routinely spouts.

Instead just look at her recent speech in Iowa where she shares the alternate reality in which she lives:

Apparently in this other universe, our founding fathers worked tirelessly to end slavery instead of actually owning slaves. It's pretty bad when John McCain's daughter calls you a "poor man's Sarah Palin."


Now down here in Texas we know all about right-wing idiots (see Louie Gohmert for a random example) but most are not telegenic aging MILFs like Rep. Bachmann and so don't get as much media play -- the exception being, of course our own Governor Rick Perry, whose hair *is* prettier than Michele's.

But I expected more out of you, Minnesotans.

Please, if you need entertainment during those cold winter months, just get cable and wait for Michele and Sarah to duke it out on some reality TV show.

I'm counting on you, good people of Minnesota's 6th congressional district.


Dan Brekke said...

You know, I always wonder the same thing--"what are they thinking?" What are the subtle charms of James Inhofe, for instance, that have prompted the voters of an entire state to keep returning him to office (by whopping big margins, too)? It's not an accident or an oversight--I think the politicians in these cases are tapping into something they know the voters will respond to.

Dr Ralph said...

Proof again that we are indeed living in a post-literate society.

The same phenomena produced Televangelists.