Sunday, May 08, 2011

Killing two birds with one stone

The punditocracy seems to agree that although the recent take-down of Osama bin Laden has bumped President Obama's poll numbers, this bump is likely to be short-lived because of lingering concerns over the state of the economy. At the same time there has been, since the previously-mentioned take-down, a low rumbling from some quarters about the lack of photographic or video documentation - not all of it from the frothing-at-the-mouth classes.

Even people I consider reasonable want to see pictures, dammit.

While enjoying a mint julep with one of my Republican friends yesterday (we were watching the Kentucky Derby), the pair of us came up with what I consider a brilliant idea that addresses both of Obama's issues.

Pay-per-view of the bin Laden raid!

There have been hints that videos and photos do exist, but that they are gruesome -- too gruesome for the public at large. So why not let people pay to see the carnage? Use the profits to pay for the War on Terror.

The adult US population is roughly 175,440,000. Charge $49.99 to watch a one-hour, one-time broadcast. Assume that only 10 percent of that group actually pays to watch (I'm guessing there would be watch parties which would reduce the number of paying customers).

$875 Million.

Add to that simultaneous overseas broadcasts. The European Union alone is half a billion -- if 10 percent of them watched, it would be another $2.5 Billion. And that's just if we charge the same as for US viewers. My thought is the rest of the world pay more. After all, the US taxpayer underwrote this whole thing -- they ought to get some kind of price break.

Would it cover the complete cost of the War on Terror? Hardly. But it would be a start.

As for me - I think I'll pass. I don't need to see pictures.


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You are a genius!!

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