Friday, June 26, 2009

Now that I'm an ex-Southern Baptist...

I met up with the Whited Sepulchre, my fellow former Southern Baptist, and drank a beer in public at a place where men and women openly smoked cigars together. We briefly discussed whether we should dance together but neither of us had a quarter for the jukebox (besides, cigar breath -- ugh).

Sunday I'll be at Broadway Baptist wearing a shirt a made of mixed fibers and listening to a woman minister preach.

I feel so liberated.


Flee said...

At least you can be just Baptist. As a Catholic from the most liberal diocease in the country I am finding it hard to adjust to the Pope reigning us in.

Dr Ralph said...

We've been members since almost the beginning of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship (the denomination-that-is-not-a-denomination), an organization that sprang up about 18 years ago in reaction to the fundamentalist takeover of the SBC.

There are currently around 1,900 churches in the CBF, some (as Broadway once was) affiliated with both the CBF and SBC. The FAQ has more info.

Since one of our former pastors was a major force in the founding of the CFB, the SBC has been casting the fish eye on us for years.