Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Scholar

I got to bed late last night - around 1:00 AM.

After sleeping for about an hour, youngest son (who graduates from high school in 2 days) knocks on my bedroom door.

"You got ten dollars?" he says, mumbling sheepishly.

"Hhuhnnn...?" I reply. I'm always at the top of my game in the dead of night.

"You got ten dollars?"

"What for?" I ask, my paternal instincts kicking in at last.

"My honor cord."

This sort of makes sense to my sleep-fogged brain. My oldest, being a bit of an overachiever, had ribbons, cords and the like, a testimony to his active life. "Why didn't you ask me last week? I've got no cash at all." An argument ensues over what sort of household were we that didn't have ten bucks floating around.

Finally after scraping under my dresser, on the floor and in various change jars, I successfully count out ten dollars in quarters: my spare 50 states quarters (damn!). Ever try to get back to sleep after turning a room upside down for loose change?

Cut to this afternoon. I see an article about Monkey Island (see previous post) and decide to text something to him. "Get your honor cord?" I add, as an aside.

"That's not important right now," he replies, "But yeah I got it."

Pause. "I got summa."

It took a few minutes before this sank in. "Did you say you were graduating Summa Cum Laude?" I text back.


The world is lucky he's a bit of a slacker. God only knows what he'd be capable of otherwise.

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