Friday, September 04, 2009

iPhone, data pig

The New York Times has an article that discusses how the iPhone (my new favorite toy) is responsible for huge network slowdowns in certain parts of the country (New York, San Francisco), because it sucks up network capacity like a Hummer sucks gas.

I can see why.

I just got an iPhone and I am constantly checking mail, downloading apps, and streaming music. In fact, the ability to listen to music with free apps like Pandora and Slacker was one of the reasons I got this bad boy (and paid through the nose for the data plan). It does so much cool stuff the fact that it's also a phone is gravy.

It's a little hard to feel sorry for AT&T, since they've milked this cow for all it's worth. I know a number of people who'd like to get one but refuse to deal with AT&T. I made the switch after years of having to go to the sidewalk to make calls with T-Mobile.

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