Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Bush "aims" to balance budget

Saw the headline "Bush aims to balance budget by 2012" and my first thought was "What the F*CK???"

I felt like I'd fallen into some weird alternate universe where GWB wasn't a lying bastard who spent money like a drunken fratboy with Daddy's American Express card. Isn't this the same GWB who inherited a 200 billion dollar budget surplus from Bill Clinton and burned through it like a crack addict?

Last time I checked, we were running an 8 trillion dollar deficit.

How convenient that he "aims" to have it balanced 4 years after he's out of office (that way it will be the Democrat's fault, since no doubt we've seen our last Republican administration for a couple of terms).

He "aims" to balance the budget?

Let's hope his "aim" is better than Dick Cheney's.

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