Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Snow Day!

Got up at 4 this morning to let a persistent cat outside. A light dusting of snow coated the deck out back. Then at 6:15 the phone rang. I thought to myself, "Could that be D's school, calling to cancel classes?"

Indeed it was!

I flipped on the TeeVee and saw James the Weatherman (a personal friend), microphone in hand, shivering on camera for the amusement of those of us up at the crack of dawn. At his feet was a rather pathetic foot tall snowman he'd named David FinFlake (a little weatherman joke -- David Finfrock is the primetime weather guy). All the local schools had thrown up their hands and said "No school!"

So I stayed home and telecommuted.

Booyah, Beanie!

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