Sunday, April 05, 2009

AIDS Outreach Walk

Went on the Ft Worth AIDS Outreach Walk today. It was a beautiful, breezy spring day, perfect for a nice stroll in support of something important. We gathered in the Cultural District at the Community Art Center.

The crowd was diverse - young, old, male, female, gay, straight, button-down, flamboyant. A celebratory, festive mood predominated.

The actual walk kicked off at 2:30. We strolled down Lancaster, turned right on University Drive and south to the Botanical Garden. As we walked, my better half and I struck up a conversation with someone we heard mention lived in our neighborhood; in talking we realized the three of us had met a couple of months ago at a movie theater with her aunt and uncle--old friends of ours.

The walk was not long -- about an hour. We circled through the Botanical Gardens and wandered back north to the Community Art Center. United for the moment, we then departed.

A day in Fort Worth.

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