Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Garden

The spousal unit is doing her best to support every nursery and plant seller in Tarrant County. This after years of ignoring the outside. I no longer ask how much this is all costing me.

The backyard is her canvas. "Wait until it's finished," says she. I nod and agree. I have claimed the sideyard and the deck outside the bedroom as my playground.

We've hit the following:

  • Mike's Gardenland - just off South James, south of I-20. Big place, lots of stuff. I was a little overwhelmed. Mike's has been around forever, and has several locations around the Metroplex.
  • Tim's Landscape - I've seen only ladies working the joint and it's slightly more laid back than Mikes, with a slight hippy vibe. On your right on Vickery, just past Southwest Parkway.
  • Callaway's - your basic chain nursery, slighty upscale. I found a nice selection of marked down pots. Not without its charms.
  • Myeon's - on James, just south of Seminary, across the street from the stacked up FEMA trailers. Small but extremely charming. Myeon knows her stuff. Poorly marked, don't miss it.
  • Home to Garden - on Vickery, just west of Montgomery. Small and eclectic, with an amazingly inventive presentation style. You'll get lots of ideas.

While the spousal unit concentrated on the backyard and being able to entertain there, I kept my focus on making a little corner of paradise outside my bedroom. One of the benefits of the recent big backyard construction project was the a little deck off the bedroom door built using the scrap the contractor pulled off the old deck.

I've done enough digging on the rest of the yard: with the pocket deck I'm doing container plants. It makes relocating a hell of a lot easier. I've got herbs, a tomato plant, a rose bush, and a couple of other perennials. In the evening after work or Saturday mornings, I sit out there and drink coffee, or eat bagels (I've been known to have a martini or two out there after work as well).

It is my Fortress of Solitude.


Flee said...

I did a double take because I thought I was going to the Dr. Ralph site but gardening pictures popped up! Pretty, very pretty!

Dr Ralph said...

Thanks, Flee!

We all need islands of sanity. This is mine.

If the Libertarians get their way and marijuana is legalized, I'll add that to the garden. Purely for the aesthetics of the plants, of course.

Flee said...

I've always wanted to plant them with my nicotiana, for the leaf contrast of course!