Friday, April 17, 2009

The educational process continues

We are almost finished with all the paperwork associated with getting Youngest Son off to George Mason University in the fall: we've put down our enrollment deposit and dorm deposit, mailed our the combined scholarship applications (after standing over him while he wrote his personal statement), and mailed our acceptance of financial aid. Now all we need to do is apply for a dorm.

The letter about financial aid came about 2 weeks ago -- one of those fat letters. With regards to colleges, it is generally better to get fat letters, since skinny letters usually say "Sorry, whatever it was you were wanting, you aren't getting."

"What's the letter say?" both me and his mother ask.

"They gave me some loans," he says. "and work study." Long pause. "Work study -- is that like where you have to work?"

"Duh...yeah," I reply, fighting the urge to slap him senseless, "That's why they call it work study."

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